XJ Passport Personalization Printer

XJ is designed to fulfill the new demand for enhanced security ink-Passport personalization. In addition to the standard XJ features, it integrates an ink-jet printing module that allows to print data and color images on the paper pages of the new generation ePassport, in the same single pass as the laser and the chip personalization. The ink tanks capacity allows to personalize multiple thousands of pages. XJ series includes: XJHD and XJHP

Passport Input Feeder
The operator simply loads the booklet into a cassette and then stacks up to 20 of them into the input tray. The cassettes are fed automatically and ensure jamand scratch-free handling.
Vision System
A camera identifies passports with pre-printed information such as a number or barcode. XY autoposition can be easily configured with dedicated web tool.
Chip Encoder for e-Passports
The system enables loading of personal data into the integrated electronic contactless chip. The unit can be equipped with 1 heads and it can be placed on both sides of the booklet. The unit verifies whether data is applied correctly.
Barcode Reader
The system can include a barcode reader to read preprinted labels to identify job file.
Laser Module
The system performs the laser engraving of the photo and personal data on the front side of the datapage. The data is aligned relative to preprinted marks using a camera. Several laser engraving options are available such as tactile laser engraving and the application of a MLI, CLI features. The quality of the laser engraving is high, allowing hidden information to be incorporated in the photograph.
Vision Quality Control Unit
Camera cross check all applied visual data andfeatures with OCRand OCV functions.
Passport Output Stacker
Finished and approved passports are stacked in the output tray where the operator can remove them atany time, also during operation.


Laser Type
Passport types
Passport Hoppers
Passport Output stacker
Inspection window
Print mode
XY Offset registration
RFID Chip encoder
Throughput (cph)
Vacuum system
OCR barcode reader
Dimensions (D x W x H)


DPSS or Fiber up to 20W
Polycarbonate, Paper
20 Booklets
HD or HP Laser
Secure inkjet printer
50 – 80
Yes (on demand)
AIDA Machine & Perso controller
65 x 64 x 48