AIDA is the new IXLA Machine  personalization and controller application

Main Features:

Built-in Automation

The system takes care of the Laser Personalization Process letting you focus on other aspect of the integration

Easy Database Integration

Personalization data can be fed into the system via shared database tables

Build your own Tools

We expose a broad set of REST APIs for easy setup, automation, monitoring and control


icube do not requere any installation or phisical support. It’s pre installed in all the Ixla systems together with sample code and documentation. The PHP code can be customized with different stylesheet and graphics


• Check the laser status
• Move card in the system
• Check and/or modify laser parameter
• Issue printed card
• Set-up and/or perform autopositioning feature

The iCube is based on SDK structure:
• Cominication on socket telnet
• XML based commands
• on line documentation
• Sample code included