IDX Compact Card Personalization Printer

DX is a desktop laser printer that packages IXLA high quality output and reliability in a very compact unit designed for decentralized or low volume applications.
IDX can be configured with a smartcard encoding module and with automatic dual hopper or manual feeding, and includes the standard IXLA software SDK and tools.

IDX includes XY realtime registration, web based software tools for full user control and systems logs.


Card Input feeder
Feeding automatic or Manual
Vision System
The integrated vision tools allow pre-personalization product inspection, offset registration of laser engraving data, personalization verification by performing OCR/OCV checks.
C-CL Encoder
The system enables loading of personal data into the integrated electronic contact or contactless chip. The unit verifies whether data is applied correctly. Rejects and cards with malfunctioning chips are sent to the reject bin.
Magnetic Stripe
In line Magnetic stripe reader can read/write 3 Track Magstripe per ISO 7810, 7811.
Laser Modules
Laser systems allow front and rear engraving of photos, data, barcodes and graphics elements in non-tactile, embossed or indented modes.