Since our inception in May 2003, IXLA has been on a mission to reshape the landscape of plastic card personalisation through the power of laser engraving technology. Imagine a world where precision meets creativity, where every card becomes a masterpiece.

At the heart of IXLA lies a team of pioneers with deep-rooted expertise in the laser-source industry and specialised peripherals for distributed ICT. This isn’t just a company; it’s a synergy of innovation and experience driving the evolution of laser technology.

Nestled in a vibrant hub of mechatronics, electronics, and software brilliance, our headquarter boasts an unrivalled support infrastructure for our cutting-edge manufacturing operations. We’ve curated a team of mechanical, electronic, and laser virtuosos, alongside software engineers who are the architects of our success.

Our commitment to excellence propels us to transcend limitations. By strategically outsourcing low-value-added tasks, we’ve harnessed the power of efficiency without compromising flexibility. We’ve forged alliances with visionary partners, enriching our systems with complementary internal components.

Here’s where you come in: IXLA’s ultimate vision is revolutionising the future. We’re pioneering in-house modules, software, and hardware for laser sources, dramatically slashing integration time for innovations. By crafting every core component ourselves, we can meet your required design and supply desires like never before.

Join us in shaping a future where laser engraving isn’t just a process. Explore our journey, witness our passion, and seize the opportunity to be part of the laser-powered revolution today. Your masterpiece awaits – let’s create it together!




XPrint improves the standard features of the XP range by incorporating inkjet printing on both paper and polycarbonate using a highly advanced and exclusive inkjet printer based on drop-on-demand (DoD) technology.

ink Jet DoD technology

Proprietary ink jet tecnology, where, the print head delivers ink only when needed. This technology, when combined with variable droplet sizes, allows for grayscale printing, creating vivid blacks and photorealistic gradations.

AIDA Application Software

AIDA is the new IXLA Machine personalization and controller application


ID7 is a desktop laser personalization system for back office and bureau mid volume card issuance, designed to ensure quality, performance and reliability in Government and Financial environment.


System designed to meet the market demand for ISO 7810 plastic card personalization. To allow secure credentials through direct colour printing of a picture in combination of laser engraving for text and ghost image, an asserted feature that makes it virtually impossible to counterfeit the card.


First non-desktop solution for High Volume card personalization

XP and XJ

Passport printer with laser and inkjet technology


ID5 is the worldwide bestselling and market reference desktop laser personalization system ever, thanks to its legendary reliability, performance, compactness, and ease of use.

IXLA 100

DNI Project (Spain), 500 IXLA 100 units installed

XP Series

Developed IXLA XP, Desktop passport system


IXLA is Founded, and presented IXLA 100 in Paris – Cartes 2003 tradeshow