Update Information for IXLA Partners

IXLA and its Emergency Management Team is fully committed for monitoring the continuously evolving situation on Covid-19, by keeping healthy our employees and suppliers at first in any decision taking. 

IXLA it’s again fully operative:

✓ We can respond to any Service or Technical Support queries, with usual service level

✓ We will be pleased to respond to any commercial queries

✓ We are able to produce commercial offers and sales presentations as usual

✓ Our logistics works, we could receive and ship goods

✓ IXLA Srl (Italian Headquarters) is in the position of receiving visitors, hold training sessions, and generally speaking in accordance with all Italian Government Covid security measures

✓ Our office in Miami is open with American restrictions (all consultation or meeting are by appointment only)

✗ Our office in Singapore is in the position of receiving LOCAL visitors, hold training and meeting sessions locally, in accordance to Singaporean Government Covid security measures. Meetings are limited to 5 pax at one time and everyone must wear face masks. This is the requirement until further announcements.

IXLA shall keep monitoring the situation and we give relevant updates by publishing news on our website

We’re all in this together. Until these challenging times are behind us, let’s give the highest priority to do our part to protect our families as well as our communities. 

Our personal phones are all on, as our emails and the general one Please, do not hesitate to contact us to know more.