ID Desktop Card Printer

The IXLA desktop laser printers are a world class equipment for centralized and decentralized applications. Are designed to encode and laser engrave ID and banking documents. Are provided with a web based software tools for full user control and systems logs. High resolution images through grayscale enhanced software.

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XP Passport Personalization

The IXLA XP laser printers are designed to simplify the laser personalization of e-Passports polycarbonate data-page. Can be used in decentralized applications and in centralized solutions by putting multiple units in cluster. The quality and the engraving speed, the MLI- CLI-SLI security feature made mechanical mechanism, an automatic feeder for fast insertion of the booklet are important characteristics particularly valuable for sizable daily production of e-Passports.

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Can includes an ink-jet printer to print data and color images on the paper page of the new generation e-passport

IDX Color Card Printer

IDX Color is a card printer and encoder suited for large Government ID card projects. Thanks to the modularity of the system the security features can be combined

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BOX Mid range Card Personalization

The IXLA BOX is an innovative modular system for mid-high volume laser engraving card personalization. Latest technologies and standards for easy system integration, make it compact and ergonomic. Modular design to simplify on site maintenance and upgrades

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ICube – Software

The iCube laser interface manage all the main feature of all the Ixla laser systems. Icube do not requere any installation or phisical support. It’s pre installed in all the Ixla systems together with sample code and documentation.

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