Spanish DNI

Since 2007 the National ID card has been produced using IXLA laser systems.

Malaysian e-passport

Since 2012, in co-operation with Datasonic Group Berhad, more than one hundred XP24 machines have been deployed across Malaysia for fast issuance of the National e-passport.

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Uruguayan e-ID card

In co-operation with Gemalto N.V. IXLA has supplied the latest ID5 model equipped with double feeders for the decentralized production of the National e-ID cards

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Turkmenistan e-passport

IXLA has supplied Veridos GmbH the latest XP24 model for the personalization of the National e-passport

Chilean student card

The ID5 has been choosen for the laser personalization of the new high security Tarjeta National Estudiante issued by Metro Chile

Luxembourg e-passport

The XP24 has been selected and supplied by Gemalto N.V. for the personalization of the e-Passport of Luxembourg.

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Jordanian e-ID card

OFFTEC IT Solutions a Company with over a century of IT market experience in the Middle East Region, has selected ID5 eID laser personalization for Jordan’s ambitious new citizen ID program.

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Costa Rican non-resident card

Since 2006, IXLA has supplied five IXLA 100 machines to Tarjeta Laser for Non-resident cards in Costa Rica.

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Gabonese national healthcare cards

IXLA ID5 equipment is used for the Health card project in Gabon

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