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Malaysian Passport

Project 2013
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Norvegian Passport

Project 2003
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Luxembourg Passport

Project 2014
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Passport Personalization Laser System

Technical Characteristics

Quality, precision with high speed
Air cooled DPSS laser source
Integrated air-vacuum with carbon filter
Vector and raster graphic
40 seconds per e-passport
Low maintenance laser technology
MLI engraving (security feature)
SBC and WES OS. Ethernet LAN
Complete software suite (SDK) for users and developers)
Automatic booklet feeder (up to 20 booklets)


Output bin for collecting up to 20 booklets
Modified tray for holding ID1 and ID3 format
RFID module for contact-less chip available for both data-page and rear cover
Auto-positioning XY camera system
OCR-OCV vision system
Bar code reader

Laser engraving is the best protection against counterfeit and ID theft

The XP24 laser printer for e-Passport personalization is designed to simplify the laser personalization of e-Passport Polycarbonate data-page. It represents an outstanding solution for de-centralized offices thanks to a compact footprint of an office desktop line printer. The quality and the engraving speed, the MLI security feature made by mirrors(2), an automatic feeder for fast insertion of the booklet are important characteristics particularly valuable when a daily production of many e-Passports is requested. XP24 is easy to be maintained such that non-experienced operators can perform the daily and weekly operations.

Download XP24 Datasheet