IXLA 2015

Main international project reference

Spanish DNI

Since 2007 the National ID card has been produced using IXLA laser systems.

Malaysian e-Passport

Since 2012, in co-operation with Datasonic Group Berhad, more than one hundred XP24 machines have been deployed across Malaysia for fast issuance of the National e-passport.

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Urugayan e-ID card

In co-operation with Gemalto N.V. IXLA has supplied the latest ID5 model equipped with double feeders for the decentralized production of the National e-ID cards

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Turkmenistan e-Passport

IXLA has supplied Veridos GmbH the latest XP24 model for the personalization of the National e-passport

Chilean Student card

The ID5 has been choosen for the laser personalization of the new high security Tarjeta National Estudiante issued by Metro Chile

Luxembourg e-Passport

The XP24 has been selected and supplied by Gemalto N.V. for the personalization of the e-Passport of Luxembourg.

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Costa Rican Non-Resident Card

Since 2006, IXLA has supplied five IXLA 100 machines to Tarjeta Laser for Non-resident cards in Costa Rica.

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Gabonese National Healthcare Cards

IXLA ID5 equipment is used for the Health card project in Gabon

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Ixla Experience

The quality of IXLA products is the result of our long experience in the field of marking materials used for identity documents, such as ID cards, driver licenses and passports. Our marking-platform was designed and built to achieve the highest quality output, and we're proud to see this become a benchmark for the industry. We believe that IXLA is the only world-class company that designs and builds all the core technological modules of its products, including optics, electronics, mechanics and software. Our partners recognise this important in-house ability and have made us a leading supplier to the major Multinational Systems Integration Companies for ID solutions.

Key Expertise


IXLA has the proprietary knowledge for integrating laser-sources and optical-technologies to produce high quality plastic cards and passports


IXLA uses application oriented design concepts to ensure that styling and ergonomics meet the functional requirements of the final product.