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National ID Jordan

Project 2016
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National ID Uruguay

Project 2015
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Case History

Student Card Chile

Project 2015

Card Personalization Laser System

Technical Characteristics

Compact size, low noise
quality and high engraving speed
Air cooled DPSS laser source
Vector and raster graphics
Automatic feeder of 350 cards
Card loader secured by key
Closed output bin of 100 cards or open collecting bin of 20 cards
Flipping mechanism for front and rear engraving
Integrated air vacuum with active carbon filter
Single Board Computer (WES operating system) Ethernet LAN output
Complete software suite tools for users and developers


Second input hopper of 200 cards
External output bin of 200 cards
CLI and MLI engraving
Auto-positioning XY camera system
OCR, OCV, Barcode vision system
Integrated contact/contactless chip reader with USB Connection
Magnetic tracks ISO Track 1,2,3
Open hopper for easy card insertion
Barcode reader

Laser engraving is the best protection against counterfeit and ID theft

Encode and laser engrave PC, PET and PVC cards. Dual card feeders for alternate stock Web based software tools for full user control. Superior image and text clarity trough grayscale enhancement Very cost effective in both centralized and decentralized environments.

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